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Robert Frisbie | Email
After searching on the web and contacting Fender regarding Fender Amps, your website helped SO much on identifying an old amp that my father purchased as a young guitarist in Bakersfield over 40 years ago. Thanks for the reference and simplifying the search; without the photos we would have no idea. For reference, the amplifier is a 1956 Fender Super Amp 2 10".

January 27 2007 - Newport Beach, California

Jason Shadrick | Email
Hey Harry,
I thought I would check out your site and say. I am preparing for my master's recital in March. Not sure what I am going to do after I am done, but hopefully we can hang again soon.
January 20 2007 - Waterloo, Iowa

Mike | Email
Dude, I just listened to your clip of Wind Cries Mary. It sent shivers down my spine, and Im not even a Hendrix fan! Those high notes are just bliss! Id have to say thats the nicest clean tone Ive ever heard. Im thinking of getting a MIM strat with some area 61s and a VV blues in the bridge. what do you think, will that give me tone anywhere close to what youve got?
December 27 2006 - Vancouver, BC

Webmaster comments   Hey Mike,
Thanks man :-)
I highly recommend the Area '61 neck, Area '58 middle, and either the Heavy Blues version 2 for the bridge for some more punch or Area '61 for a more traditional bridge tone. The recording you heard had the '61 in the bridge. I now have the HB version 2 and really LOVE IT!!

Don Plowman - Mike Dugan and the Blues Mission | Email
I had a great time listening to you and sharing the stage with you on November 18th. You're a wonderful player!!
November 27 2006 - Allentown, PA

Bob Kimball | Email
Cool Site! Can you tell me what pups you put on your Samick JZ2? Nice clip!
June 13 2006 - Central Coast, California

david torn / splattercell | Email
what fantastic phrasing, tone & shape, h!
so very cool.
June 9 2006 - ny usa

Dave Orban | Email
Hey, Harry.

Lovin' the clips on the site.!

Are you still doing the Havana jam.? I'm trying to get out there one Tuesday night, but not havin' much luck. :-(
May 16 2006 - Trenton, NJ

Lars Jilden | Email
Hi, Harry !
Inspired by Your "Swamp-thing", I snatched some of Your lovely mp3's for my player, from this site.
So now You will amuse me, on the bus! :-)
I have some catching up, to do!

Best regards:
Lasse (CryBaby)

Well !
On my way to work this morning, I listened to Your clips.
Man, Your playing got me one bus-stop, too far. :-) Forgot to get off the bus!!

For the moment, all my guitarheroes has to move down one step.
I have a new no.1 !

Have a nice weekend Harry !

March 22 2006 - Sweden

Terry Syrek | Email |
Harry J is the best guitarist on the face of the earth. Period. Bold claim? Fine, YOU get onstage and play next to him! i have and i'm still paying for therapy.

(grin) Yer the best, man. i'm proud to call ya friend, and i've learned so much from ya.
February 10 2006

Webmaster comments   --------------------------------------

Ok, So...What's your address again? Was that a $500 check?

Actually, Terry is a great friend, also a longtime instructor at the National Guitar Workshop.

Oh... did I mention he is one of the most accomplished musicians I know?

Let's see....

1. Perfect Pitch
2. Chops up the waaazzzooo
3. Knows when NOT to use afore mentioned chops
3. Great writer and singer as well
4. That chops / waaazzzooo thing again

Terry has quite a following, and is known more for his insane speed and picking clarity... He has a superb sensitive, melodic, dynamic side... SHHH! Don't let his speed metal fans find this out!!

Here is a link to a quick sample of what he's got goin'

Mark | Email
greate website
January 12 2006 - France

Ken | Email
Just a word to thank you for sharing good information, tips, tricks and great playing-- thanks!
January 8 2006 - NY

Raj Swaminathan | Email
Just heard Snow Drift. Your playing and phrasing are impeccable. Even more amazing is your tone - both the sustaining lead sound and the cleaner lead. Could you please tell me what gear you use on this track? Also, how does one buy your CD, Really and Truly?
Thanks and all the best.
December 28 2005 - St. Louis, MO

curious tee' aka thom_j. | Email
Gee Harry I have been reading your posts and listening to your playing via Rmmgj for a long time now & I never knew you're right up the street from me? Also I wanted to mention your last clip on Rmmgj "A Slow semi-Beckish track" is superb!! cheers curious tee' aka thom_j.
December 14 2005 - New Jersey USA

Chris Amelar | Email
Harry plays like no one else I have ever heard. Ultra-original, Ultra-soulful, Ultra-humble and an Ultra-BADASS! ***WARNING to other guitarist*** If you should be fortunate enough to find yourself onstage with him, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOTTTTTTT let him solo first!!!!!!!!!!! This is VERY dangerous and could be potentially catastrophic to your confidence as a guitarist and musician!!! (If you don't belive me ask my therapist!) All kidding aside, Harry has been an great friend and mentor to me and I owe him a lot, (and he knows it!)
November 15 2005 - West Milford, NJ

Webmaster comments   LOL... Dude!... "Amelar" jus' checking so I spell it right on the check :-)

Actually, To those who don't know, Chris is not only one of the most accomplished guitarists I have ever had heard PERIOD, but he is also a world class author of stacks of superb instructional books.Yeah, that Chis Amelar...
Buy them or die!! (was I harsh) :-)
And more importantly (to me) my bud!

David Haggett | Email
Great sound, Harry. If you weren't an ocean away I'd definitely look you up for lessons.

Only one comment. I'd like to be able to view your video clips also, but I can't legally decode the newer Windows Media codecs.
November 12 2005 - Surrey, UK

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